Watch Yoshua Sudarso Kick All Kinds Of Ass In Steve Petersen’s Action Sci-Fi Short, EREBUS

Director Steve Petersen has quite a few projects on his Vimeo channel but the one that stands out the most is his most recent action sci-fi short, Erebus. It’s all mainly conceptual courtesy of Petersen via his Big Machine banner, although I’d be lying if I said it didn’t pack a helluva punch, because THAT it does, in spades!

The following is a short film based off Craig Fernandez’s feature script EREBUS. It was directed by Steve Petersen and produced through his studio Big Machine. It is intended to show his vision and approach to the material.

The action sequence is choreographed by Aaron Toney who is involved in Marvel’s biggest films. The unique and complex characters are brought to life by an ensemble of incredibly talented actors. And the artists at Big Machine helmed the visual effects sequences.

Beneath the layer of action and sci-fi – the core story is one of a person trying to find himself and find his place in the world. Who am I? What is my destiny? How do I fit in? With a dash of dealing with love for the first time. …all themes that deeply resonate with filmmaker Steve Petersen.

Aaron Toney is definitely a name to remember when you want to look up great fight pieces online or in Hollywood. He’s done some amazing work both in front and behind the camera as a top tier stuntman in Hollywood, and he surely makes a case for the latter with actor Power Rangers: Dino Charge co-star Yoshua Sudarso front and center.

Watch Erebus now with Lindsey McKeon, Phil Daddario and famed Star Trek thesp Walter Koenig also starring.

~Lee B. Golden
Ballistic Cinematheque, founder and editor


DO THE DAMN THING: ULTIMATE – Watch The New Indie Action Ensemble Shortfilm Series Finale!

If there were ever a pair of filmmakers to keep an eye on, it’s Leroy Nguyen and Fernando Jay Huerto, the arbiters of the longstanding hit shortfilm series, Do The Damn Thing. Made with nothing but a love for film, comedy and Hong Kong action among like-minded creatives since 2009, the project now comes to a close with a total of eight performers hailing from five indie film groups, all of whom share the respective cinematic universes of both Nguyen and Huerto via Rising Tiger Films and Jabronie Pictures.

These are people who’ve contributed greatly to the unyielding call for better action and choreography for a market hungry for quality stunts and storytelling, and not for nothing either as its helped each of these folks advance their respective careers in film little by little. For now though, we get this darling labor of love that also reintroduces a slew of cameos, including a final bow from Jabronie mainstay Neil Aguilera among its colorful characters, and as always, an emotive musical outro to last the ages.

Jay (Fernando Jay Huerto) hears that Alex (Alex Chung) is visiting San Diego to meet Neil (Neil Aguilera), Jay’s cousin. When Jay goes to meet up with Alex, he reunites with Andy Long (Alex Chung) instead. Soon after, Jay hears that Lester (Leroy Nguyen), a former brother-turned-enemy from the past, has come back to San Diego to meet up. Upon meeting with Lester, Jay and Alex run into Kung Fu Panda (Eric Nguyen), his brother Irvin (Irvin Nguyen), and Neil-fanatic Anthony (Anthony Noceda). Once Lester summons his brother-in-arms Edmond (Edmond Shum), a battle ensues that the likes of the Do the Damn Thing series has never before seen. This is the end-all test fight to…end all…test fights…

As the 10th and final entry into the indie-action short film series, Do the Damn Thing – Ultimate sees the series’ creators Leroy Nguyen and Edmond Shum collaborate (many for the first time) with Fernando Jay Huerto, Alex Chung, Eric and Irvin Nguyen, and Anthony Noceda. Series’ staple Neil Aguilera makes his final onscreen appearance, as he announced his retirement from dying onscreen shortly after the completion of this short film. Representatives of Mr. Aguilera had no further comments at this time.
On a serious note, this short film is a “THANK YOU” to EVERYONE who has chosen to watch our work over the years, and who continue to stick with us. This one is for all of you.

You can view all previous nine shorts by commencing the playlist here. Otherwise, number ten is just below. Enjoy!

~Lee B. Golden
Ballistic Cinematheque, founder and editor

Guy Collin’s KAIZO TRAP Is An Epic Battle For A Gamers’ Soul

Animator Guy Collins did something remakable late last year I didn’t know existed until Thursday this week. Sadly, like most videos on YouTube his hit shortfilm, Kaizo Trap, was freebooted on Facebook which is why I’m sharing his work here directly.

There’s, no dialogue here and the great thing about it is that there’s none needed. It’s a story of what happens when a girl’s surprise gift for her boyfriend ultimately threatens to come between them in the worst way, and what plays out is an emotive, epic adventure layered with action and gore, a killer soundtrack by Leslie Wai, and Collins’s brilliant animation stemming from a bygone era of gaming that only 80’s and some 90’s babies will probably understand.

Kaizo Trap will undoubtedly be one of the best things you will see on the internet, ever. Watch it now on Collins’s YouTube channel and if you come across this on Facebook in a freebooted upload, correct the record and share the YouTube link so Collins and Wai can get the credit they deserve, because they really do.

You can also find it here along with a copy that adds much more to the package.

~Lee B. Golden
Ballistic Cinematheque, founder and editor

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