Watch Yoshua Sudarso Kick All Kinds Of Ass In Steve Petersen’s Action Sci-Fi Short, EREBUS

Director Steve Petersen has quite a few projects on his Vimeo channel but the one that stands out the most is his most recent action sci-fi short, Erebus. It’s all mainly conceptual courtesy of Petersen via his Big Machine banner, although I’d be lying if I said it didn’t pack a helluva punch, because THAT it does, in spades!

The following is a short film based off Craig Fernandez’s feature script EREBUS. It was directed by Steve Petersen and produced through his studio Big Machine. It is intended to show his vision and approach to the material.

The action sequence is choreographed by Aaron Toney who is involved in Marvel’s biggest films. The unique and complex characters are brought to life by an ensemble of incredibly talented actors. And the artists at Big Machine helmed the visual effects sequences.

Beneath the layer of action and sci-fi – the core story is one of a person trying to find himself and find his place in the world. Who am I? What is my destiny? How do I fit in? With a dash of dealing with love for the first time. …all themes that deeply resonate with filmmaker Steve Petersen.

Aaron Toney is definitely a name to remember when you want to look up great fight pieces online or in Hollywood. He’s done some amazing work both in front and behind the camera as a top tier stuntman in Hollywood, and he surely makes a case for the latter with actor Power Rangers: Dino Charge co-star Yoshua Sudarso front and center.

Watch Erebus now with Lindsey McKeon, Phil Daddario and famed Star Trek thesp Walter Koenig also starring.

~Lee B. Golden
Ballistic Cinematheque, founder and editor


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