Guy Collin’s KAIZO TRAP Is An Epic Battle For A Gamers’ Soul

Animator Guy Collins did something remakable late last year I didn’t know existed until Thursday this week. Sadly, like most videos on YouTube his hit shortfilm, Kaizo Trap, was freebooted on Facebook which is why I’m sharing his work here directly.

There’s, no dialogue here and the great thing about it is that there’s none needed. It’s a story of what happens when a girl’s surprise gift for her boyfriend ultimately threatens to come between them in the worst way, and what plays out is an emotive, epic adventure layered with action and gore, a killer soundtrack by Leslie Wai, and Collins’s brilliant animation stemming from a bygone era of gaming that only 80’s and some 90’s babies will probably understand.

Kaizo Trap will undoubtedly be one of the best things you will see on the internet, ever. Watch it now on Collins’s YouTube channel and if you come across this on Facebook in a freebooted upload, correct the record and share the YouTube link so Collins and Wai can get the credit they deserve, because they really do.

You can also find it here along with a copy that adds much more to the package.

~Lee B. Golden
Ballistic Cinematheque, founder and editor


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